Silina Change(i) 2016

So Sadat(the rolex chef) has adopted a survival tactic, called the “Silina Change(i)”.
Every one says that Sadat with +30 years of rolex making experience, is perhaps the best in his field. But how else would we know? He is the only rolex guy we ever go to.
However of recent he has become rather fishy. At payment of 2 Bob for the occasional bachelor’s meal,the  rolex. (Also know as Napolitana At freedom city) which according to his  ‘steady progress advert’ is supposed to costs 1700/=.
He’d fumble around in the attempt to look for the “balance”.
After about 5 minutes of consultation with the Jury.( Usually other guys around) he’d deliver the verdict of “silina change(i)”. Of course you’d sound rather greedy if you appealed a 300/= judgement.
So I’d let it slide. Then he’d do it again and again. Like Besigye in 2006 you’d attempt to complain about the Rolex guy’s misconduct. Then Sadat while exercising his original and final jurisdiction regarding “Rolex-petitions”. He’ll tell me, that my companit has been overtaken by events. That he hasn’t taken enough monies to warranty a refund for 300/= is technically nothing.
Even so, it’s rather strenuous for him to look for the change. So rather, just swallow and move on.
Last year, I threatened not buy  from him untill he reforms his “change policy”. Perhaps appoint a more independent wingman to deal with the finances of the Rolex stand, to ensure that I always have my change.
Sadat refused. Now it’s 2016 what can I do? I can’t forfeit the Bachelor’s meal.
I have to painful traverse various constituencies in my room to look for the money and I have to somehow trust that Sadat won’t cheat me.
I am  getting really hungry and have to go buy a rolex.
I wish you Free and fair elections.
Tubonga Nawe

Kunsa Paul


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